About Andrew Wendt

First of all, no one calls me Andrew, but that is my real name. So, feel free to call me Andy.

Now back to “about me”.. I was born and raised in Middletown, Ohio in the early 1960’s. My father, Robert E Wendt, was in college when he was drafted into the Army and sent to Korea in the early 50’s. He was assigned to an Engineer unit and his specific duty became the maintenance of office equipment at HQ. After the war the experience helped my father secure a job working on office equipment for IBM. With the passing of time, this transitioned from servicing office equipment, to servicing IBM’s growing line of mainframe computers.

Growing up in this environment I knew that a technology field was where I wanted to be.

After graduation from Middletown High School in 1982 I attended Anderson College, in Anderson Indiana, and Miami University, which is in Oxford Ohio. I studied Systems Analysis and General Business.

In the mid 80’s I took my fist full time position with CFR Inc. DBA Rentacomputer.com. After 5 years, and thousands of visits to customer’s sites as a technician, I was promoted to Service Manager and years later to Vice President of Operations and now Marketing.

I’ve now been with CFR for over 26 years. Where does the time go?

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3 comments on “About Andrew Wendt

  1. Kinda weird when you search google and you find yourself. It’s crazy how close our political viewpoints are. By the way, you didn’t build this website—Barack Obama made it happen. :)

  2. LOL There are a good number of us! I had “AndyWendt.com” for years and years. But I had a crazy month a few years back and missed the renewal e-mail. So I lost it. Now it’s for sale at $700. That ticks me off! Good luck with your domain name quest!

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